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and who stepped in to delay the strike. >> but the rest of a possible terrorist attack will keep 19 at u.s. embassies closed, this week. more on the threats that prompted the closures. >> we are keeping an eye on bay area weather and traffic. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we are waking up to areas of drizzle right now. it is a foggy start for most of us. you will see nothing but great skies until the sun comes up. the fog will make a comeback later on tonight. it will not be too windy as we approach the evening hours. >> i do want to talk a bit about satellite and radar because we have an area of low pressure that is 400 mi. away from san francisco. this is what is keeping our temperatures and below average. not only today, but for the next couple of days. with that you can expect deeper and more showers. the warmest spots will probably be in antioch would a high of 84 degrees. 67 degrees for oakland and 684--pitch your 7 day around the bay highlights temperatures will be cooler as we pushed into the middle of the housthis week. the fog will be very s
one. to get around this you might be tempted to use the mission boulevard to niles canyon road, highway 84. this is not a good trip. you will not be able to handle the capacity that will be trying to use it as an alternate. you're really only option is to use 880 and take it up to 238 and then use 580 to rejoin 680. >> we will be talking with kron4 and jackie sissel will be live on the scene. >> we are starting off with low cloud cover. the temperatures are on a warmer side. it is a little muddy as you head out to work or school. as we focus on what is ahead although we will see cloud cover this morning we're talking nothing but sunshine for the afternoon. the warmest inland spots will be in the upper 80s. we do have unsettled weather on the way in the form of storms for satur. >> following developing news out of oakland this morning, where a woman has been killed in a shooting, while another man is recovering in the hospital. the shooting happened last night around 11:30 in the 800 block of 100th avenue. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. the man has been taken to the
to more than we have the latest details next. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on this thursday august 29th. i'm james fletcher. we want to update you on the latest with the bay bridge closure, but first lets get a quick check of traffic for this early morning commute with erica. >> we are not dealing with any current incidents. the bay bridge is completely shut down and you can see all the construction at the toll plaza. there is no traffic getting through at this time. disclosure happened at 8:00 p.m. last night. this will continue until tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m.. in the meantime you have to use the san mateo bridge. you should keep in mind that the san mateo bridge only has three lanes. this is compared to the five planes that the bay bridge usually has. we're not seen any increase in your drive times. the letter on this morning things will back up. it is also a little hazy outside. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. i want to highlight some of the areas where we are expecting additional traffic. so far so good we are not saying anything on a roadway sensors. a
bridge. kron4's will tran joins us live from the oakland side where he's been following their progress. >> if this opens up possibly before to stay you will see the new pavement. we will show you the other side. on the right side of your screen this is the new eastern span. on the left side is just the contrast. this is the old span. what they're doing right now is not get out about 1,000 ft. section of the span. they built a bike path that can go as far as it could. it will run into old eastern span and they have to knock this out to extend the bike path. there is a lot going on right now and a another great thing about this shutdown is that caltran told me that because normally they will spend 34 months doing this with all of the traffic but because of the sun shalthis shutdown the able to up and get it done sooner. >> a number of people turned to mass transit for the first day of the bay bridge closure. bart ridership hit record highs yesterday. from midnight yesterday morning to 7:00 last night, more than 390-thousand riders took bart to get around. that's about 62-thousand more ri
overnight and is now posing a threat to yosemite national park. more on how this could affect us locally. final touches are being put on the bay bridge as workers prepare to open the new span. but a different closure could have commuters slowing down this weekend. more on the work at the toll plaza. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. we're also keeping an eye on your bay area weather and traffic as we head into the weekend. good morning everyone, i'm james fletcher. a wildfire outside yosemite national park has nearly quadrupled in size. so far it has burned more than 53-thousand acres. officers have been going door-to-door, warning residents in the gated community of pine mountain lake to evacuate their homes. but the evacuations are not mandatory. fire officials say the blaze, which started saturday, is only 1 percent contained. heavy smoke from the fire has triggered an air quality alert in reno and surrounding areas more than 150 miles away. yosemite remains open. continuing our team coverage. san francisco officials have also issued an emergency declar
and shows us what happened. will. >>will: what sam their driving northbound. they believe according to a investigators that speed was a factor although they don't know the speed the car was traveling at the time for if you can see skid marks. they painted the ground war as markers for its third loss control. there are skid marks on boy from here to across the street and to that tree. here is a video. this all happen shortly after 9:00 last night. i learned that the teenager that died was hitting and the right passenger seat. he was a 16 year-old boy. his name is not been released. to 17 year-old, the driver suffered a broken rib and the other passenger suffered a broken leg. those two are recovering ed chow york hospital. john muir hospital. investigators are searching to see how fast the car was traveling through it we had a chance to talk with the sergeant read here's what he had to say. >>: it's too early to tell. there is no obvious time of anything. that's what our investigators will be working on to make sure they can pinpoint speeds and other things. there is nothing obvious
following an officer involved shooting. joining us live now is kron 4's mike pelton. mike what's the scene like >> police stated that a 12 year old girl alerted them to the apartment. we are kept outside of the apartment. you concede that the hayward police cars are still here. here is video and police stated the this began at 9:30 p.m. last night when she called to state that her parents were fighting he was privy to kill her mother. the disk masters heard them arguing in the background.an officer fes safety and he shot the suspect. >> we have the child describing what was going on. she was given the dispatcher on account what she saw happening. the child i observed her father with a knife. when they heard what was going on, they heard the screams, the gaels and they se. >> of 40 stated said there were also other children at the tim of the shootingthere arn inside the apartment when this happens. they all have to not cope with this. >> new this morning. we will know at 10 a.m. when the new eastern span of the bay bridge will be open to drivers. last month there were talks that it would ha
a three day strike. as each i used hayward chapter represents more than 356-- city workers, from library and assistance to the water sanitation workers, road crews, administrative staff and others. their contract expired in april with union members authorized a strike in june. both sides have been locked in contentious negotiations. the union claims the city of hayward is refusing to engage a row while the city claims theinhe late tactics, intimidation and other benefit practices. the city declared a bargaining impasse and july, and the two sides have not negotiated cents. >>anny: broken bolt on the bay bridge have forced agencies overseen the bridge construction to cancel the labor day opening. but the chp is still planning ahead just in case the bridge is open that we can. last week the chp began signing up personnel to staff the extra shifts required for security and traffic. this is all just in case an oversight committee restored scandal to open letter to the weekend. however, there are no plans to revive the original plans to mark the opening and closing a bike ride, fireworks, and
us a news conference to let us know what the progress is. at this time, we plan to carry this live for you as it happens. i will let you know if there any accidents and i would not beurprised if you are not paying attention, you can get win over. >ran over. >> with the bay bridge shut down until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning, there are many other options to get along. bart is running 24 hours service stopping at 14 stations over the labor day weekend. the trains will run every hour during the time they're normally closed between one and 4:00 a.m.. all ac transit bus services across the bridge have been suspended until the new bridge opens. the san francisco bay ferries have extra boats in the water during the closure. that will be heading to and from oakland, alameda main street, harbor bay, vallejo and san francisco thomas. ferries will depart every 45 minutes during peak commute hours. with all of these added services, transit officials advise you to give yourself extra time. >> continuing our team coverage of the bay bridge closure this morning, as we recommended the san mateo bridg
is an innacurate depiction of the murder. >> 18 of the 19 u-s embassies and consulates will reopen this morning after being closed due to a terror threat. this is the embassy in yemen, which is the 'only' one that will not reopen yet. the embassies are scattered throughout the middle east and africa. they were closed after a message between al-qaida officials about a major attack was intercepted. a separate threat led to the closing of the u-s consulate in pakistan, which also remains closed. >> edward snowden's father says he has obtained a visa to visit his son in russia. snowden's father and his lawyer said they have not spoken directly with edward since he fled the u-s to russia, where he was given asylum. his father says he would like his son to return to the u-s someday. however he says he thinks it's unlikely his son would receive a fair trial. lon snowden did not disclose when he is visiting. edward snowden has been charged in a federal court with violations of the espionage act. >> white house calls for increased grid spending new york - an obama administration report says the cost of
with us. they wanted 17 percent and we have already given them 12 percent. i told them that i cannot afford to give more. it is becoming critical to membership. we just cannot give any more. that is not true. this is an unfair labor practice. we have been trying to negotiate with them since the beginning. we never said no. we turned in an offer and two days later it did not pass. that is not true. we are willing to talk at any time. >> they stated that they would bring in temporary workers to do your job. any concern with these temporary workers will be permanent workers? >> that is always a concern. he is not fun to be on strike. we're here because we feel that we are forced to be here. this would be retaliation and this is not illegal to hire these people. i do not know if they can do as good job as we do. we are talented. we should have some value. >> thank you so much for speaking with me. the city stated that says we're not offering the firefighters arrays is that we are not going to offer its to you. they stated that they should also work and not get their races. we will get re
the transition from the old roadway to the new eastern span. joining us from treasure island is kron four's mike pelton. >> we're now just six days away. you can say that the lights are turned on combined meat and the crews are not just quite ready to open up to traffic. they will shut down on the bay bridge tonight at 8:00 p.m. and reopen tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m.. here you can see the crews are working on the span. they have to do lane striping and paving. they also need to connected. it will have more scenic view and stability. the holiday weekend, receive less traffic so this is why they are changing forever. one woman i spoke with shared her memories. >> my husband and my went across singing the bridge song. melamin >> this opened the back in 1936. we would love to hear from you if you have any pictures that you would like to share. we will share them on our face book page. >> the chp stated that it will close at 8:00 p.m.. they will begin the process prior to 8:00 p.m.. they stated that if you want to avoid getting stuck in use across as early as possible. >> alternative transit service
complete details. good morning and thanks for joining us on this friday i'm james fletcher. we now know when the new span of the bay bridge will open. which also means a full closure to get it ready. officials will shut down the bridge the night of august 28th to transition the old span to the new one. the new span is set to open the day after labor day, which is september 3rd. kron 4's jeff bush has the details in what work still needs to be done. [ female announcer ] jump-start your day with mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. home of the irresistible sausage burrito. ♪ and freshly brewed premium roast coffee you love. plus other amazing tastes for just a dollar each. ♪ every day, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. ♪ bolt problem will be fixed and the new bridge will be safe and will soon be ready for the public to drive across. >>steve heminger/m.t.c. executive director:we've got two structures out onto that bridge so that they can be safe as they travel. the majority of the work is done and what remains is finish work. some lights need to
. they will also let us know within the laws were broken. the limo driver--has insisted that he did nothing wrong despite driving that legally only allowed not so many passengers. >> a limousine that carries and nine people or less had no oversight at all. >> the center stated that he will talk about a limousine safety maban that will require them to carry fire extinguishers. >> to meet a life, is valuable. >> the center told kron 4 that the legislation is set to be discussed on wednesday. and he would expect the governor to sign it and be in law by july of 2014. he wants to make sure that nothing like this happens again. >> truck drivers at the port of oakland are expected to strike today. this comes after drivers say they are unhappy with conditions at the port. in a letter to mayor jean quan, workers say they are forced to wait between six and seven hours for containers to transport-- during which they cannot leave their trucks unattended. drivers say that this causes a major setback into their driving day and a loss on revenue for the companies they work for. union leaders say workers are loo
>> thank you for joining us. >> new overnight dozens arrested at san francisco's city hall. what they were doing. >> and we're just an hour away now from the sentencing of army private bradley manning for providing classified information to wikileaks. >> and we are starting off on a quiet side. we did have clouds along the coastline. later on today you can expect 60's coast side. we will be talking about red flag warning coming up at 6:15 a.m.. >> we are not tracking any hot spot for your ride or around the bay area. there have been no major incidents reported to. you can see the backups are in both the left and the right side. the metering lights have not yet been activated but they will be likely in the next 10 minutes or so. the only real slowdown is on interstate 580. >> breaking news out of the south bay. san jose police are investigating a shooting outside a senior assisted living center in south san jose. kron four's will tran is live at the scene with what we know. >> this shooting took place, the shots were fired by a security guard. he actually lives here or was it comi
will be slightly warmer compared to yesterday. >> the morning and thank you for joining us. a massive search is underway this morning for a missing woman, sandra and cocoke. . she was lat seen in oakland on sunday and now, police are questioning a person of interest in the case. kron4 terisa estacio is live at the solano county fair brownson vallejo with the latest. >> this is the latest from the command center that a large team of more than five agencies will go and try to find her. she went missing sunday and she went to follow a lead concerning a missing dog of hers. she put up signs in the neighborhood offering a $1,000 reward. oakland police stated that they now have new information that has let them to search the fair grounds. they stated that day are not able to reveal all the information but they have spoken to her former boyfriend has an extensive background. as far as the search it will be massive. >> there is a laker to within the city of vallejo. there is a large part, discovery team them, the fair browground this is a part of our area and some of it is residential. i would not s
that to us. as soon as we find out more information on this case we will let you know but the good news is if you are heading north bound onto 80 i can tell you if you can see the cars behind me are moving fast. they shut out at least two planes for about six or seven hours shortly before 5:00 this morning they opened all lanes. >>darya: bart trains are running this morning. and riders will not have to worry about a strike until october. a judge signed off on governor jerry brown's request for a 60-day cooling-off period between bart and it's union members. the injunction by a superior court judge means that trains will roll unobstructed by the threat of a strike for at least the next 60 days while bart and union members continue to work to reach a contract agreement. bart and its labor unions say they want a tentative agreement, but both sides are tens of millions of dollars apart. bart presented a new offer yesterday, but there's still no contract. like last month, another bart strike will significantly disrupt public transportation. bart workers say ridership and workload are at the
and thanks for joining us on this friday august 2nd. lets start with a check of the weather with erica. another bart strike is coming closer to reality this morning as a 72-hour notice has been issued. negotiations wrapped up at around 9 last night and they are set to resume this morning at 11. the three unions in negotiations with bart announced the strike notice last night. this means workers could walk off the job for the second time this summer if a new contract isn't reached by midnight on sunday. union members say the two sides have not made much progress on salaries, pension, and medical contributions since talks were extended for 30-days. the unions say resuming the strike is a last resort and that they're running out of options. bart says they are bargaining in good faith and that calling for a strike only stalls and delays important decisions that need to be made. bart's chief negotiator tom hock says the tone in meetings has been respectful and he is confident a deal will be reached by sunday. commuters are now anxious about what to do on monday for transportation if a bart
fletcher. thanks for joining us on this friday august 9th. search efforts will resume this morning for missing oakland woman sandra coke. investigators are now focusing their search efforts on a body of water at the solano county fair grounds. the search will resume at 8- am this morning for missing oakland woman sandra coke. she went missing sunday afternoon. police have focused their search efforts on a body of water in vallejo where they conducted a massive search last night. police say they are questioning a person of interest. 56-year-old randy alana was seen with coke on the night she disappeared. alana is a high-risk sex offender. police say he has not yet been accused but he remains in custody on a parole violation. investigators believe that lake chabot near the solano county fairgrounds in vallejo may be a key location in the search for coke. coke's family and friends have offered a 100-thousand dollar reward for any information leading to her whereabouts. we also spoke with a close friend of sandra coke's. she says she last saw her july 4th. coke's friend says she did mi
was being used for training of reserves at camp parks. the brush fire started yesterday afternoon around 1:30 and was contained three hours later. no homes or buildings were damaged >> coming up on the kron four morning news at four a- m. a young boy, attacked by a pitbull is at home this morning. why his mother says "he's the strongest boy she knows." plus, one bay area woman says she's been harassed by the d-e-a. it all has to do with a prank call. why the administration says it's a big problem. and an austrailian family mourning the loss of their son after he was killed. why the two killers say they quote "killed for fun." these stories and more when the kron four morning news continues. >> the ten year old antioch boy who was mauled by two pitbulls, is now back at home. but according to the victim's family. the dogs in question are still alive. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story. and has the latest. >> reporter: this 10 year- old is a tough kid. after being brutally attacked by two different pit bulls he is out of hospital. >> we are now wondering where are the dogs? he sometim
and health-care costs. those need to be made an order for us to continue to run another four years. if >> that was just four days to go to a potential bart strike is in place. we know that both bart and one of the largest labor unions are born to have several press conferences later. union workers are born to rally today at 5:00 p.m.. >> transit officials admit that it is impossible for any transit agency to take on the 400- thousand people who ride bart each weekday. officials warn traffic in the bay area could be much worse than during the earlier july bart walkout. you can see the back up from the last bart strike that happened during the 4th of july holiday. when many people were on vacation. percent more drivers are expected be on the roads next week if there is another strike. during that bart walkout in early july, san francisco bay ferries carried an average of 18-thousand riders a day. that's triple the riders than on a regular day. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. showing people crowded onto the boats. ferries says it is prepared to put more
relatives gave us. they tell us that they heard explosions early and that the fire department stated that it was of the tires from the vehicles that were popping. they spoke with one man who said that his wife's car was destroyed. >> the neighbors were hitting on the door and at the same time i started hearing the tires expo. i saw what was going on and will cut my girlfriend. by that point--the flames were up to the garage. that our 6 ft. tall. >> an arson investigator is on the scene to determine the cause. they are not sure whether it is suspicious but the neighbors stated that it sure seems like it. they tell me that the owner of this restaurant was hanging out around here. they are pourine pointing fingers at a resident. we will hear from him coming up. >> no injuries were reported to a firefighters or the residents. >> new this morning, a deadly crash in oakland with an s- u-v landing on top of a motorcycle. the accident happened around 10-30 last night at 3rd and adeline near the port of oakland. police were responding to a motorcyclist down, that's when an s-u-v came speeding
options, after his administration says the syrian government crossed his "red line" with the use of chemical weapons. coming up next we'll have more on the decisions he's considering. >> the white house believes syria crossed a "red line" with the use of chemical weapons. an attack in syria, last week, reportedly wounded or killed more than three- thousand people. andrew spencer reports president barack obama is now weighing his final options. >> the obama administration's message is clear. >> there must be accountability for those who would use the heinous weapons against the world. >> the president will weigh his options and likely make sure that the allies are on board. the white house has devoted to have military involvement for almost two years. the president also cut off shore diplomatic efforts. >> i believe that we have maximum use of missiles. four u.s. navy deplores have already been deployed. cnn national analysts stated that these missiles along may not be enough. >> if a strike is worth doing, they will need to come behind that and take upper. >> the use of military
'll explain. >> good morning, thank you for joining us this wednesday august 14th. i'm james fletcher. >> and i'm anny hong. we'll have more on your top stories in a moment, but first lets check in with erica for an update on your weather and traffic. erica. >> we have low 60's in san jose and oakland. satellite and radar shows that the marine layer is a little deeper. that will make in inland push. some of us will be working up to overcast skies. as we head into the afternoon the temperatures will be in 80s and 90s. today santa clara will have a high of 90 degrees. take a look at the numbers, pittsburg will have a high of 95 degrees. we will keep the temperatures in the low 70's. it still will be nice for those of you in richmond. hayward will have a high of 77 degrees. downtown san francisco when have a high of 70 degrees. >> in terms of your extended forecast, the seven day of around the bay. we will continue with the same temperatures. we will see a little bit more fog for friday. but the condition should be pleasant for the weekend. for those of you heading to work here is a look
. charles clifford is with us with an update >>charles: to the south east of they work on putting all spot fires and protecting structures along highway 120 which has been close since this fire started almost 11 days ago. if over in yosemite national park the flames have reached hetch hetchy. we do not know if they have damaged any part of the reservoir. sprinklers have been on the trees hoping that that would be enough to stop. for the rest of yosemite it's pretty much business as usual >>: it cartel that there is a fire just 20 mi. away because of the smoke is flowing away from the valley. --its hard to tell. >>james: we have learned that the yosemite fire has reached the shores of the hetch hetchy reservoir which is the main source of water for san francisco. you can see all of the smoke correctly. the utilities commission says that ash has fallen on to the surface of the reservoir but so far has not impacted the quality of the water that may change though as more ash continues to fall three we will keep an eye on that. no disruption there. a san francisco puc said there would not be an
but that was shut this down and you will not be able to use this area to cut through to get to the golden gate bridge. just a heads up for you that this will be close. >> the time is 6 07 a.m.. when we return we will have a another report on a airplane landing. here is a live look outside at san francisco. the temperatures are currently at 55 degrees. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. it was a stalled big break a that was reported but it break down a again because of the
in prison. good morning and thanks for joining us on this thursday august 15th. i'm mark danon. we are now just a few hours away from learning when the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open. there is some hope that the bridge could open labor day weekend. but there is also the possibility that the opening could be delayed for months because of broken safety bolts. kron 4's j.r stoke now thake a look at what needs to be done to get the new span up an running. pickwe will be right back as a kron4 morning news continues. if taking a live look outside at the bay bridge. a few cars making its way across the span. in oakland where it is 63 degrees. is to be another nice fit with limited fog. a new high temperature of 70 degrees and an afternoon high of 74 romper 4:00. the fog rolling back this evening. debitors falling back into the mid-60s. we are watching bay area weather of the the last few days. we would get an update on the forecast from erica coming up. mountain view police say the 21- year-old woman reported missing tuesday night has been found safe. melinda alexander, who is not f
toll plaza. >> good morning everyone, i'm james fletcher. thanks for joining us this morning. >> you can make out some of the building spirit as we take a look of side. the temperatures are off to a pretty mild to one start. we're talking about plenty of 60's. and that is what is contributing. right now san mateo is as 63 degrees. as with all these numbers into the afternoon you was see that the temperatures will be pretty similar to where they were yesterday. it will be a bright and sunny afternoon. 84 degrees expected for pleasanton. satellite and radar shows clouds over the bay area and we did have a system that was a pack of porsche'impactingf the bay area. we will not see any brain in the bay area but some of the tropical clouds will start to move and as we approached tuesday and wednesday. it will feel muggy over the next couple of days. your extended forecasts shows that the temperatures will be warmer as we head into tomorrow. a dance you can expect this pattern to continue. in terms of traffic around the bay here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. y
us on this thursday, and first day of august. lets start off with your forecast from erica. how's it looking erica? >>erica: san printers got at 56 degrees, 58 out the door in oakland. satellite and radar shore where we are dealing with cloud cover and it's a little bit more patchy and not well organized. into the afternoon, i want to talk temperatures. futurecast 4 shows by 12:00, 64 are bayshore. it is going to be a little bit warmer at livermore, concord and for those of you and fairfield. as you put the clock into motion we will continue to gain a few degrees in fact, temperatures predominantly in the '80s are for your highs for the delta and portions of the north bay street it will cool again by 8:00 p.m. tonight. we will see an increasing cloud cover with temperatures back in the '60s and holding onto a few low 70's. if i do want to break down afternoon highs expected for you today. let's start with a look at the east bay shoreline. well eighties for concord and antioch. in terms of their extended forecast, the 7 day around the bay shows temperatures will be below the seas
threat, any time and any where you go with the new and improved kron 4 news app. vicki liviakis gives us a quick tour. >> this app is super handy and it is very easy to use. you just grab your phone and click on the app. you can just search for kron 4 and once you have it you get a home screen that has the big easy to read d tiles. right on top we have the latest news and there is a special section about the bart strike. we also have weather and traffic. you can watch live string of our newscast. you can also check out the other sections like the tech report and people behaving badly. >> here is a live look outside of our roof cam. it is cloudy. we will be right back. >> a record heat wave in china isn't showing any signs of cooling off. temperatures continue to stay up in cities and provinces across the country -- including shanghai. this is the hottest temperatures in at least a hundred and forty years. temperatures have peaked at the government is calling this a state of emergency and are trying to send clouds into some areas to make rain this heatwave is expected to last several more
at 415. a wildfire in southern california forces the evacuation of hundreds of homes. the u-s forest service says, the brush fire started in the cleveland national forest yesterday morning. quickly burning 15-hundred acres. evacuation orders are in place for more than ten- thousand residents. more than 200 firefighters are working the blaze. u-s state department has ordered an evacuation of non-emergency government workers from yemen due to recent threats. the order calls for all americans to leave the country. malnutrition hiall staff at theh embassy in yemen have also been temporarily withdrawn due from their embassy as well. thought mossu-s troops are on high alert and 19 diplomatic posts remained closed because of that terror threat. hotthe head of al qaeda is calling on his followers to take action. chris lawrence has the story. >>: the threat emanates probably from of of focus or occurring in the arabian peninsula. it could potentially be beyond that >>: the message directly linked to al, attacks on 911 permit its affiliate and yemen accurate unlike 2001, senior leaders to give
team coverage this morning. kron four's terisa estacio just spoke with a family member. she joins us live from children's hospital oakland. >>terisa: the one-year-old was brought here to oakland's children's hospital. unfortunately he lost his life and he died here. right now we are joined exclusively with drew jackson's aunt. margaret, i can't imagine what you are going through. tell me a little bit about drew. >>: he was a happy and jolly baby. i know everyone says that about their nieces and nephews or kids but he was a of really jolly baby. the other day he just said he piety and now my sister has a very her only son. this is crazy. my sister has to breed her only son. --bury. he did not hurt anybody or do anything to anybody. he is innocent. >>darya: just losing that a very emotional interview. pleading to stop the violence this morning with terisa estacio. in fact, i think we've reestablished connection. what's go back. >>terisa: was the baby for it was true in his bed last night that no he was sleeping with his dad 3 he was holding onto his dad and unfortunately it is a traves
that was possible? he stated that they may have read their guns that they used that cut across the casings. so far they have not been able to recover any of those. the men were sitting near the window when the shots were fired. they do not know what this point because they have no casings. they have no mode of. the men were in their 30's and 40's. there were still able to talk to investigators but not give them enough information. the man who died, he had a fighting chance. he was rushed to the hospital but he died at the hospital. at this point, they're still here. >> two people are in the hospital this morning following a shooting in san francisco's visitacion valley. it happened around 5:00 yesterday evening at the corner of sunnydale avenue and bayshore boulevard. a man and a woman were shot -- both were taken to san francisco general hospital. police say the man's injuries are considered life-threatening. as for a suspect. police don't have much to go on. witnesses saw a man in his early 20s driving away in a burgundy sedan. >> investigators confirm the cause of the deadly limousine fire that
national park. affect us locally. >> we are tracking a hot spot on interstate 580 right in the heart of the macarthur mayes. this is between the 580. a motorcycle accident is blocking the to right-hand lanes. the biggest impact is on highway 24 coming down from the tunnel. the back up is now reaching children's hospital. this means that there will be light traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we are starting this friday off with a a live look from walnut creek. the temperatures are in the upper 60s. the fall that we see right now will be quick to clear. the temperatures will reach the upper 80s. i will have full details of what to expect. >> another instance of thieves in disguise tricking older residents in to letting them in their yards. this time they posed as tree trimmers in hayward. kron 4's will tran is live near the home that was hit. >> this time they pretended to be tree trimmers. the other day they were pg&e workers. we are not sure if they are the same people. i will show you the exact, but it was on this neighborhood. this one and not on her door and one man told her
morning everyone, thank you for joining us this thursday august 8th. i'm james fletcher. the c-h-p is trying to figure out what caused an accident that killed on person and injured another near woodside. the accident happened last night around 7 on skyline boulevard about three miles south of la honda road. butone person was not breathing when paramedics arrived and was pronounced. a second person was airlifted to stanford hospital with major injuries. police in foster city are investigating a crash that the crash happened just before 4 o clock yesterday afternoon on metro center boulevard. in front of a orchard supply hardware store. witnesses say the driver went off the roadway and crashed into a tree. medics had to pull the driver from the car. who died at the scene. police are asking for any witnesses of this crash to ed come forward. at new developments in connection with the amber alert issued out of southern california three days ago. authorities now believe the suspect in that case, james dimaggio, may be headed north. kron 4's charles clifford has the latest. wednesday
. we're just a couple of ways away. we will show you how to prepare. >>james: us take a live look outside. this is the traffic camera out of walnut creek. it is backed up there right now 6:00 this morning. we will get the word on traffic with george in a moment creek let's begin the hour with an update with your forecast. good morning erica. >>erica: temperatures are predominantly in the upper 50s delos '60s. we will see temperatures range from the mid-60s to mid '80s as we haven't your afternoon highs and by later on tonight clouds will return to the sky and temperatures will drop. we are expecting warmer weather as we have into tomorrow. how have full details on what to expect coming of a 615. good morning george pruitt and >>george: early activation of the metering lights means an early backup force the westbound ride. but we are and to get free. we have all lanes available especially here on the right hand side. your quick commute check shows the heaviest traffic still for highway 4 and interstate 580 and even with an accident on 101 in san jose north bound at 880 with the lan
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to avert a strike.for now. the threat of a possible terrorist attack will keep 19 u-s embassies closed this week. more on the threats that prompted the closures. >>james: before we get into those top stories let's get an update with weather and traffic. good morning erica. >>erica: by 12:00 today we will have some and fog still holding onto a lot of cloud cover. extensive cloud cover along our bay shore and by 3:00 p.m. today, sunny and mild conditions with your inland highs running about the low 80s. temperatures will continue to be a little bit cooler than where we should be for this time of year. we have a well established marine layer. once the sun comes up will see nothing but overcast conditions. temperatures will be on the cooler side. in fact we will the dip below as we head closer to wednesday. for details on what to expect with their afternoon highs and 7 day around the bay forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. >>james: we will get to george in just a second. but we want to get to our big traffic story. a second bart strike is on hold, for now. late last night, gove
say that restricting the use of helmet cameras shows a lack of transparency by the fire department. new this morning. double amputee runner, oscar pistorius has been formally indicted today in south africa on a premeditated murder charge in the valentine's day slaying of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. pistorius stood in the courtroom and wiped away tears. he also held hands with his brother and sister. the trial date is set for extra police patrols will be out at san francisco schools this week to ensure student safety. the back-to-school traffic enforcement will focus on elementary schools throughout the city. police will especially be paying attention to the 15 mile-per-hour speed zones. enforcement operations are scheduled to begin from 7 to 9 a-m. and again from 1:30 p-m until 3:30 p-m each day. stay with kron-4. your back-to -school station in the bay area. go to our facebook page to see some kron four anchors and reporters when they were kids. and -- we want to see your photos. send them to breaking-news at kron-4 dot com. we'll also be keeping tabs still ahead on the kron
reed reports. >>: we have less resources which means it takes longer for us to get to incident. we have had an increase in response times. we have to look at our strategy and tactics in other words we expect that we are going to have more severe fire situations along that is the marker it takes to get there at the longer the more severe the fire becomes. we're looking at the types of cold we get to. trying to prioritize resent our resources to permit >>: dorothy miller says tonight's meeting was informative but she's concerned that much on change. >>: some doubt that anything is really going to be constructively done other than to ask for more and more and more money from the people. >>: there will be another town hall meeting tomorrow and 1 on wednesday. the public is encouraged to attend and give their input so that the firm can take all of that into consideration before completing the study and finishing up their proposal before february of next year police your read, 4 news. >>anny: coming up on the kron4 morning news looking after headlines when we come back. also it live look outs
to look out for. good morning everyone and thanks for joining us on this thursday august 22nd. i'm james fletcher. topping our news this morning. the wildfire burning near yosemite continues to threaten 25-hundred homes. the "rim fire" is essentially burning out of control. firefighters have only been able to contain about five- percent of it. so far, it has burned more than 25-square miles in the stanislaus national forest. the area is fairly remote, but it has led to the evacuation of thousands of people from campgrounds and private homes. the bay area is just six days away from the shutdown of the bay bridge. all lanes in both directions will close at 8:00- pm on wednesday night, august 28th. that's when workers will transition the old roadway to the new eastern span. the c-h-p advises motorists to allow an extra hour to their commute time on wednesday night and beyond. officials say drivers should be among the last people to cross the bridge wednesday night. they say the bay bridge closure will be similar to past closures. stuffthe bay bridge will re- open on tuesday, september third
decades ago. the use of fertility treatments has doubled due to the increase of women trying to have children in their '30's and 40's, when fertility declines. we will return in just a moment. okay, a,, or b?r or a.. that'sat a goo gd choich.. let me sho sw you yosome fmect withwihe lheest esylesylnd guarguteedteow powces,ce you yocan tun rn the tath atu into the t bath atu wau .. good cho cice.e. more sav sing.g. more doi dng.. thrighrit now,no thishir coova ovnityniomboomp is a spe scial bal. ju. $19$ welcome back. now to get an update with weather and traffic. good morning george brett >>george: and motorcycle accident occurred of asko roadblock in the two left- hand lane spread the good news has already been cleared but the bad news is it is still out there and it is slowing the ride on 580 in the westbound direction. take a look at the back of which reaches before to 05. the westbound drive time up about 42 minutes right now to get. a slower than usual ride for interstate 580 this morning. looking at the bay bridge is still an easy commute. if the meter and might announce the
trapped but they were able to get out. this is an downtown, springs. they showed us this yesterday. flights, were canceled. we continue to attract this and 6,000 a. have burned. the fire is continuing to burn. here is video from overnight show in the flames. we do not know how many of them are homes but the evacuation is continuing. >> the time is 6 07 a.m.. the number of people filing for unemployment over the past month has dropped to their lowest level in about six years. the labor department says of the four week average, dropped more than 6000 in july to a seasonally adjusted 333,000. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. four people are dead after a pair of over my shootings in texas. the latest update coming up. >> san diego mayor bob still arm makes more demands in connection with a sexual harassment lawsuit against what he is asking for now. >> we are keeping an eye on bay area weather and traffic. here is a live look outside at san francisco. we will have an update at 6:15 a.m.. ; >> new this morning. authorities in the dallas area say a series of shootings have kill
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